Saturday, April 2, 2011

All about: Filler, Goody, Mom Packs and so on (Advt)

All about Fillers!

* What is a filler or advertising pack?
Simple. It is a bag, packet, envelope, anything basically that
you fill up with flyers, samples, biz cards, coupons, pens, etc.
that you use as a way of marketing yourself. You can find more
information on this here

* What are the costs involved?
Varies. The cost can range from a couple of dollars to whatever you
choose???? Depending on where, how you begin your distribution of your
packs will depend on what sort of budget you need. Most people just join
groups that per to this sort of marketing/advertising, which leaves the
person requesting fillers with the bulk of the money to be spent.

* What are fillers?
Fillers are what you use to promote out your company, business, service
and can be anything from pens, erasers, flyers, biz cards, coupons, the
ideas are endless.

* What do I use to hold my stuff?
Most people use medium to large clear sized bags similiar to storage
bags that can fold, zip or flap shut. There are many places to get
these bags from, I use cheap inexpensive clear storage bags (size
varies per campaign, products used), recycle gift bags, even make my
own out of party favor bags, discounted-clearance gift/holiday bags.

* Where do you put out or leave them?
Well... bascially anywhere, everywhere there are people, especially
keeping in mind those who are specifically targeted or geared to the
sort of product, service, business you offer and that which will
compliment them as well.

* How do you keep track -
When I send out information on my own (to other's seeking fillers
for their packs), I always assign a special code (track my materials)
so that if I get any sort of feedback, calls, order's, I can [A]Thank
the person whom I got the referral thru via their pack [B]Follow up
again with this person on future packs [C]Track my progress via sales,
calls, inquiries [D]Further my marketing expenses in those areas where
the business is and so on.

Now when doing my own F or A packs, I assign a: name to it, special
tracking code, give a date of distribution, place, quantity, etc and
send this to each participant so that they can check the progress as
well. This helps those gals swapping with me or just sending their info
to me with the same sort of A-D format I use myself and hopefully gives
them sort of idea of whether or not they can provide or reach a specific
market in my area.

* Where do I find Fillers?
You can find fillers thru specialized groups, WAH/MOM message forums,
boards swap this sort of information too....

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